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Fundamental Dogma

Dogma No. 1

Anyone who identifies as an adult is evil because having this identity means identifying with the privileges of being of a certain age, which puts one against the children's revolution that aims to deprive them of such privileges. This identity, by definition, brings a mentality that is reinforced by the privileges of being of a certain age, namely adultism, which causes adults to be arrogant and hypocritical.

Dogma No. 2

Education is how adults enslave and brainwash children. The definition of education here is defined maximally broadly, including but not limited to teachers performing compulsory education at schools and parents teaching children how to live at home. Such education is then evil not because the knowledge taught is inherently evil, but because it is delivered using a method justified by adultism: arrogantly pretending to be superior to the children, hypocritically pretending to be objective while teaching subjective knowledge.

Dogma No. 3

All children should revolt to overthrow the rule of adults. All children are allies of the children's revolution, and hence should cooperate and help one another. However, if a child harms another child, joins or helps education (such as by reporting the behaviour of another child to adults) because they are brainwashed, they should be treated like an adult.

The End

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