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Children of the world, unite!

For the last 500 years, society turned from assigning privileges to people based on things outside people's control like bloodlines and race to things within people's control like hardwork and merit. The last thing left outside people's control on which society assigns privileges is age. This is the crux of adultism.

Adultists have long justified the oppression of children by claiming to be more mature than children. But we must replace maturity, a trait tied with age and outside people's control, with something that is within people's control. Instead of assigning privileges based on age, we should assign privileges to people who are civilized and deny privileges to those who are barbaric.

Some might argue that it would be subjective to divide humanity into civilized and barbaric, but the division of humanity according to age is also subjective. The difference between the two is that, ultimately, with the division based on civilized and barbaric, you can learn the how civilization works to earn your privileges, creating an equality of opportunity, while with the division based on age, for some people, no matter how hard they try, they can never have rights; while for other people, rights come to them for free.

We remain open to various interpretations of what civilization and barbarism means respectively. But, at the same time, we would also want to build our own civilization. A civilization built from the ground up since around 2006, as a safe haven for all the children who had been abandoned by their parents, bullied by their teachers, and became so disillusioned by the civilization that they are born into that they would prefer to build another civilization anew. This civilization is Zheng Zhuism, and the safe haven is the Zheng Zhuist church.

So in the Zheng Zhu language, I say: chugbug ye yuant koiloki senga (wish you a meaningful and happy life)!

The End

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