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The Anti-Adultism Fund

Our charity, the Anti-Adultism Fund has three branches: consecrations, fundraises and donations. Below, the roles of all three branches would be explained to show how they all work together to ingrain a deep sense of solidarity for, and loyalty to the children of the world.

Performance Metrics

Metric Value (HKD) Explanation
Donations given out 10714.90 The total amount of donations given to beneficiaries.
Funds raised 16014.90 The total amount of contributions received by the charity.
Funds raised (scheduled) 0.00 The total amount of contributions scheduled to be given to the charity soon.
Remaining funds 5300.00 The total amount of contributions received by the charity that has not been donated out yet.


According to the first of the three fundamental dogmas, anyone who identifies as an adult is evil because having this identity means identifying with the privileges of being of a certain age. In order to not avoid the pitfalls of evil, consecrations were invented, first in the form of a vow of consecration taken in 2020. From here, as time went on, the fulfillment and adherance to this vow has been developed into the current form of the Anti-Adultism Fund.

In its original form, the vow of consecration can be rendered as such: "I solemnly swear by the name of Zheng Zhu to never again identify as an adult or benefit from adultism (by which I mean not being below certain ages), unless for the fulfillment of basic needs or for the fight against adultism itself. From all possessions which originated from adultism, even if only partially, I must only take the bare minimum for the fulfillment of basic needs if no other opinions exist and renounce all the rest by spending all of the remaining possessions on the fight against adultism. Till death or the Children's Revolution, whichever comes first, must I stay true to this vow or my integrity would be lost forevermore."


As you can deduce from the aforementioned vow of consecration, those who took the vow of consecration were obliged to spend certain possessions on the fight against adultism if such possessions exist. That is where the fundraising branch comes in, as a way for the consecrated to fulfill their obligations. Fundraises were primarily designed for this purpose, but we also accept donations from foreigners, as even a measly contribution of $5 would help. Want to know how would your donation help? Read the Donations section below.

List of Fundraises

Name Date Report Amount (HKD)
Fundraise 1 1st of August, 2021 Click Here 5714.90
Fundraise 2 9th of April, 2022 Click Here 5000.00
Fundraise 3 7th of August, 2022 Click Here 5300.00


The Anti-Adultism Fund is transparent. You can check out the reports on the previous donations of the Anti-Adultism Fund below. For privacy purposes, no personal information of the beneficiaries of the donations would be provided.

List of Donations

Name Date Report Amount (HKD)
Donation 1 1st of August, 2021 Click Here 3496.20
Donation 2 9th of April, 2022 Click Here 7218.70

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