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Political Goals and Reasons To Strive for Those Goals

Goal Reasons
Eradicate adultism from society. Adultism gives basic rights required to live an independent life to parents as leverage to control children.
Adultism justifies compulsory education, which brainwashes and enslaves children to a life of suffering.
Adultism prevents any sort of "equality of opportunity" from being sincere as children are deprived of this equality.
Adultism calls "changing one's mind" "growing up" or "becoming more mature", so that integrity is no longer important.
Deliever ritualistic humiliation to the evil adults. The humiliation will deliever a proportionate revenge that restores the honour of all the children whose lives have been ruined by the evil adults.
It is more peaceful to simply deliever some ritualistic humiliation than to enact physical violence upon the evil adults.
The evil adults are authoritarians who think in terms of hierarchy. Thus humiliating them is the most fundamental way to make sure they know their place and never dare to be adultistic again.

Political Goals and Policies To Achieve Those Goals

Goal Policies
Eradicate adultism from society. Remove all laws discriminating against people for being too young, such as laws about compulsory education.
Remove all laws letting parents and teachers control children, such as the legal guardian system and inheritance laws.
Stop people from using insults related to adultism, such as calling people a 3-year-old as an insult.
Deliever ritualistic humiliation to the evil adults. Symbolically sack the homes and schools where children suffered the most. The economical losses caused by the sacking of those venues would be compensated, financially, to the previous owners of those venues, but any loss of reputation or honour would not be compensated.
Send the evil adults into reeducation camps for a few days and let them leave earlier if they repent. In those camps, they would have to experience how was it like to be oppressed by themselves: the evil adults who loved to hit children would be hit, those who loved to scold children would be scolded, those who loved to punish children would be punished.
For both reasons mentioned above. Create a Children's Liberation Army so that young people can protect their own liberties in the future. It would recruit heavily from the youth and people who formerly suffered under the evil adults because they would be more devoted to safeguarding the liberties of the children of the world.

The End

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